As part of the Dancing Eros vision we are excited about nurturing more and more Dancing Eros facilitators and leaders to spread this work all over the world.

It is a huge honour and joy to be part of a womens journey into her power and to witness the transformation and growth in the women you guide.

Becoming a Dancing Eros facilitator is a huge personal journey as well. We have a strong ‘no guru’ and ‘no pedestal’ commitment at Dancing Eros. Stepping into this container will call you fully into becoming more real, vulnerable, raw and honest in how you show up in the world personally and professionally.

The path of being a fully empowered woman and authentic leader is definitely not for the faint hearted. Dancing Eros will call you into this – becoming a facilitator of this work is not for everyone. Those that are really called often feel a full powered YES in their body that pushes them forward through the challenges of the journey and you will be fully supported along the way.

The current Dancing Eros community is thriving on and offline and continuing to grow with huge demand for this work all over the world. As a Dancing Eros facilitator and leader you become a big part of the Dancing Eros family and have the opportunity to help grow this work and build amazing communities of powerful women in your area. Teaching this work also gives you the potential to travel as well as be financially nourished and supportive for all that you do.

We believe strongly in being fully embodied as a facilitator and ‘walking your talk’. This is not about being perfect but about really going there yourself and being fully committed to the principles of Dancing Eros in your life. If you are interested in becoming a Dancing Eros facilitator get ready for a deep and transformational journey. This is why it’s really important for you to be part of the Dancing Eros journey before you become a facilitator. If you haven’t journeyed Dancing Eros yet and are feeling a full YES to this work, we really encourage you to come along to a course or retreat. If you’ve already done started your journey with us, reach out to your facilitator and express you interest to them.