An open letter to the Dancing Eros community From Vanessa Florence (Founder)

So this piece is a long time coming.

Its held so much weight and significance for myself and Dancing Eros that I think I’ve done about 5 versions of it already over the past 6 months. However every time right before I was about to click publish, some other layer of the story would rise to the surface and I’d realise I wasn’t ready to share yet.

So here we are finally.

These words are intended for who have been following my journey and/or are connected to the Dancing Eros work and care about it.


Lets face it, we when it comes to intimate relating and sexuality we all carry wounds and traumas.

Life is challenging for little souls. We come into this world, innocent, open, deeply vulnerable and then shit happens.


How dare you?

Try to package me
Price tag me
Pimp me out like your whore.

How dare you.

Try to Factory farm the goddess
Putting pumps on my tits and cunt
Demanding my milk and honey to flow on your command.

How dare you.

The word SLUT triggers so many people

It’s so easy to negatively label a woman a slut just because you decide you don’t like them for one of a million reasons.
The most powerful stance you can take on the slut is to fully OWN (when its safe to) that which is used against you so the people trying to tear you down, label you, stigmatise you…HAVE NO POWER OVER YOU!


When you push yourself, you leave yourself (aka disassociate). You subtly disconnect from your body so you don’t feel the discomfort or resistance.


For a long time I have rejected my desire.

Fearing its potency. Not feeling safe to receive or express it. Feeling shame around voicing or sharing my desire. Scared of rejection. Humiliation. Harbouring a lot of mistrust towards it.

Recently I have been exploring a healthier relationship with it.


Here are Alejandra’s tips on how to self parent when you feel vulnerable.


We are really excited to share with you some of the changes that are happening inside Dancing Eros right now.

There have been some profound shifts in the work over the past couple of months that have been coming for a long time.


I realised something, I LOVE being seen, I love shining my light and I want to celebrate myself and not have to apologise for being who I am and looking the way I look.

Longing and the gifts of loneliness

Do you ever feel lonely? Loneliness can be a gift. If you listen to your feelings they have a message for you. When you are lonely you are longing for something and focusing on how you don’t have it. You might event think you can’t have it or are never going to get it. Longing […]

For the times you feel lost…

A woman dear to me was brought to tears when she discovered what she wanted to do with her life. She found her purpose and suddenly everything made sense. Her tears were happy – finally she could really see her own gifts (for herself and the world). Her tears were sad – along her journey she had […]

The Futility of Figuring It All Out

A message of love from a recovering control freak… There is absolutely no point in trying to ‘figure it all out’ because the universe is in a constant state of flux and motion. Nothing is ever fixed. Even when things appear to be predictable and you think you have it all sorted and all your […]

Open your body, open your pleasure

Our body parts hold our memories, our stories, our fears and our desires. When we let go and dance – when we follow pleasure, when we come back to the naturalness of how our body wants to move rather than how it’s been taught to move we can let go, bit by bit of the prison of our conditioning.

Soft & Squishy, Fierce As Fuck.

Being in our power as a woman is not just about being soft and flowing. We also need to have access to our fierceness. To be able to have strong boundaries, be clear about what we want and what we don’t want and be able to easily express our intensity with love and without fear or holding back is so vital.

Own Your Slut

The slut has nothing to do with how many sexual partners you have – it’s about confidence, permission, play and sexual liberation. Only when we reclaim that word shamelessly rather than seeing it as degrading or disrespectful can we really have that.

Dancing Eros Welcomes Transgender Women

The Dancing Eros community welcome our transgender sisters to the dancing eros space to explore with us. If you identify as a woman – We welcome you to the Dancing Eros work and this sisterhood.

Love Your Longing

Being a strong independent woman often means that I have shutdown the deep vulnerability and sensitivity of our longing.

We want to be strong, have our shit together, we don’t want to need anyone.

Lessons From The Priestess

With the rise of porn and blatant lack of pleasure or intimacy within mainstream sex education the experience of feeling less than worshiped by our partners in the bedroom is sadly a pretty familiar feeling for many women. But the real devastation is that we are letting it happen because women have not met their priestess! Instead we lie back, grit our teeth or fake it, allowing our partners to slurp and take and suck and fuck us with their eyes and hearts closed because we have lost touch with the knowledge of how to guide them into something deeper, we have lost connection with ourselves and so therefor we accept what we are given.

Know Your Pain

‘Negative’ emotions are an unavoidable part of the evolutionary nature of our psyche – embrace them!! Rather than trying to push them down, avoid them and suppress them….ask yourself what isn’t in alignment right now that is demanding to be changed?