We are really excited to share with you some of the changes that are happening inside Dancing Eros right now.

There have been some profound shifts in the work over the past couple of months that have been coming for a long time.

For those of you who don’t know, the Dancing Eros body of work was created nearly five years ago by Vanessa Florence. The work has evolved during this time, it has been an epic ride of continual expansion, yet the essence is still the same. It’s an initiation journey for anyone who wants to explore their feminine power.

Dancing Eros work supports you to delve into different expressions of yourself through connecting with five feminine erotic archetypes. The more we free our expression the freer we feel in life and in our bodies. There is so much power in connecting with different aspects of ourself and letting them be seen.

For the past five years there has been one course format. Right now we are in the process of dividing the course into three different experiences. Each one will give you a different flavour of transformation.

Why are we changing the format?

We’ve noticed some pushy-ness in the Dancing Eros work. This can be a theme in the personal development world. We push ourselves to heal fast, to get the transformation quickly. You turn up, you pop yourself open, and POW you get the transformation and off you go.

There are gifts in this approach and there’s nothing wrong with it. We’ve been in this fast phase and have had phenomenal shifts.

Sometimes, when we go at such a fast pace it doesn’t allow for what we experience to really integrate the growth at each level and we leave parts of us behind. It’s so quick that our nervous system can’t keep up and we can feel emotionally hungover afterwards. We cannot rush our emotions and healing.

To slow down and really be with ourselves allows us to grow and heal on a deep deep level in a sustainable way. The slow pace allows us to open naturally and leaves no part of us behind.

We want to bring this slowness into Dancing Eros and make this work feel really safe. It’s subtler, but it allows what you experience to really integrate which has huge impact.

This is the reason we are making these changes.

The original course is morphing into three different levels. It’s not hierarchical or about smashing it out to get to the highest level. Each course has it’s own potency and gifts. They build on each other and you can follow that path if you choose.

What are the different levels about? What’s going to happen in them?

Part of the magic of Dancing Eros is not knowing exactly what’s going to happen and letting yourself surrender to the mystery. So we wont share what happens inside each course but we will talk about the intention behind each offering.

The first level is all about self connection. It’s all about you connecting to you and your inner sensations. You get to know your own body and how it feels to really be in your body. You explore how your sexual energy moves, how your emotional energy moves. You learn to really be with yourself and commit to yourself.

Until we know ourselves, until we can feel our inner sensations and make sound and breathe how can we really connect with another person or give ourselves to them? Our connection to ourself is foundational for our whole lives.

It will still go into all the archetypes, but it’s less about connecting with another person or being engaged with the world in that expression. When we have that connection with ourself we don’t need to look outside of us for validation, we are fully validating ourself. If you want to have deeper intimacy with another go deeper into yourself first and it will happen almost by itself.

Level one is about feeling yourself as a powerful feminine being and really knowing yourself. It’s about learning to listen and hear our own needs.

Sometimes the foundations are so simple we skip over or bypass them. Sometimes we can push ourselves to heal and we end up re-traumatising ourself and stuck in a trauma loop. Slowness is an opportunity to really heal at a cellular level.

The essence of embodiment work is to go as slow as possible. That is were so much gold is.

The second level is about intimacy. For those of you who have done the course it’s going to be similar to the original. Once you have the foundation of self connection you can open up to be truly seen by another while still staying with yourself.

For the past five years Dancing Eros has been about how deeply you can stay with yourself. That’s not changing and will always be part of our courses. The reason we are splitting it is to make it even more potent and to really anchor in the self connection before slowly opening up to being seen.

The third level is something we haven’t really offered before. It’s always been in there a little bit but we haven’t delved deeply into it as it’s more advanced.

Level three is the initiation course.

Once that self connection is there and once you are really able to be seen then you can offer yourself and share your light, to open another to their expression. All of us have this amazing power. We’ve seen it happen. Women or men get their self connection going and then they become initiators for their partners, friends and family.

Each level will explore a different flavour of the five Dancing Eros archetypal expressions.

Dancing Eros SELF (Level 1) – Connect to yourself in the archetypes.
Dancing Eros INTIMACY (Level 2) – Connect with another while being anchored in yourself.
Dancing Eros INITIATION (Level 3) – Open another with your expression and give to them from your fullness.

To get to this point has been an amazing process. Even just starting to implement these changes into the business has given us lots of gifts and growth.

If you would like to know more about this, hear from some of our facilitators about our lessons and have a peak behind the Dancing Eros business curtains, watch our recorded zoom call.

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