Know Your Pain

Know Your Pain

Know Your Pain

Drama, pain, sadness and emotional breakdowns are just your souls way of communicating that something needs to change in your life.

‘Negative’ emotions are an unavoidable part of the evolutionary nature of our psyche – embrace them!! Rather than trying to push them down, avoid them and suppress them….ask yourself what isn’t in alignment right now that is demanding to be changed?

That is ALL pain is – a signpost to a new level of evolution! Crappy emotions are like an inner alarm signalling the next UPGRADE. If it was all bliss and rainbows then why would there be any push within us to transform?

There are two responses I see most people have to their emotional pain. (you also might swing between the two)

Response 1

You hate feeling shit! You see negative emotions as something you want to get rid of fast. You don’t spend much time really listening to the messages that it has and use external fixes to temporary alleviate it (food, socialising, facebook) only for it to continually show up demanding to be resolved.

Response 2

You listen to your pain a lot, you sit in it, feeling it and actually often find yourself wallowing in it and identifying with it. What you don’t do though is take any action on doing anything about it.

Your pain is there to evolve you into a new way of being.  If you are having a hard time emotionally and having shit come up…GOOD! It’s good!! It means you are being called to step up and shift and open and let go and go to the next level of yourself. So when you’re having a breakdown or feeling shit…feel it, listen to it, use it! Ask yourself what action can you take right now that will support your growth right now…and DO IT.

Vanessa Florence
Vanessa Florence
- VISIONARY & FOUNDER - Vanessa is a visionary, leader and trailblazer for feminine expression. Known for her rawness, realness and vulnerability she is a powerful permission granter and the original creatress and channel for the Dancing Eros work. She is passionate about creating spaces and experiences to give all beings total permission to be fully authentic in who they are; connected to their desire, vulnerability power and all aspects of their expression. "The real deal - No bullshit, no masks and a powerful space holder!"
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