Lessons From The Priestess

Lessons From The Priestess

Lessons From The Priestess


An amazing women who is currently taking a Dancing Eros course just shared this post in our private facebook group. With her permission, I felt to share this powerful download for you all!

“I had a situation on saturday where a man I have been seeing and I were in bed and naked and he started trying the old tricks that boys do, straight for the pussy, no foreplay, just reenacting porn. Even after leading him away he couldn’t stop.
I felt annoyed , I have given in and been submissive all my life to this possessive, overbearing sense of entitlement all my life with men . For the first time I knew why, this wasn’t coming from a place of reverence worship or consciousness , it was coming from a ego based lusting desire to take and indulge without honouring.

I wouldn’t have a bar of it . I felt into my body and she said, fuck no we aren’t settling for this, so we didn’t . I felt strong and empowered. I knew What I wanted and it wasn’t the past . I will not settle for less than Divine worship and respect . I felt annoyed at him right off that bat as he has done this before and smothered my spirit.

But on further reflection my priestess gave me empathy compassion and love for him. and she said  “Forgive them for they know not What they do. and she said

 Women shall heal themselves, each other, and then teach others how to see, feel, and embody their divinity and heal through our Divine union. It is up to us to stand up for What we know deeply to be true and right, for ourselves, our sisters, our lovers, our brothers, for those gone before and those yet to come.”

I understood that This isn’t about a feminist revolution but about a movement arising from grace, understanding, compassion and above all love.


With porn only on the uprise and the blatant lack of pleasure and intimacy in mainstream sex education, this experience of feeling less than worshiped by our lovers in the bedroom is sadly a pretty familiar feeling for many women.

But the real devastation is that we are LETTING it happen because we have not met or embodied our priestess! Instead we lay there, grit our teeth or fake it, allowing men to slurp and take and suck and fuck us with their eyes and hearts firmly closed. We have lost connection with ourselves as well as the knowledge of how to guide our lovers into something deeper. We are accepting what we are given and in order to do so shutting off completely, perpetuating the cycle of disrespect, dissatisfaction, disconnection and even abuse within our intimate lives.

Learning how to access and embody our priestess energy shows us another way. Another way to be with ourselves, with our lovers, with our bodies. This work is not just women’s work, it is for our men too – because as this beautiful woman realised, when we become empowered, connected, loving, alive and really KNOW ourselves and our worth – we can guide and show all those who come into contact with us, another way too.

If you want to know your priestess energy within yourself and also be able to connect with amazing, real, raw, wise, deep women like the one who shared this post above. Join the Dancing Eros movement!


Vanessa Florence
Vanessa Florence
- VISIONARY & FOUNDER - Vanessa is a visionary, leader and trailblazer for feminine expression. Known for her rawness, realness and vulnerability she is a powerful permission granter and the original creatress and channel for the Dancing Eros work. She is passionate about creating spaces and experiences to give all beings total permission to be fully authentic in who they are; connected to their desire, vulnerability power and all aspects of their expression. "The real deal - No bullshit, no masks and a powerful space holder!"
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