Love Your Longing

Love Your Longing

Love Your Longing

Being a strong independent woman often means that I have shutdown the deep vulnerability and sensitivity of our longing.

I used to hate my longing.. Blocking my tears and my fears and assuring myself and everyone around me that I’ve got it all sorted and don’t need anything – then funnily enough when I felt safe enough with someone I would swing into massive neediness and attachment because it had been so repressed most of the time. I’ve dissed my vulnerability with smartass self deprecating jokes. Ridiculed myself for yearning. Been ashamed of my needs. I’ve been insulted if someone told me I was sweet. ”

Sweet…What the FUCK..I’m powerful!”

That was before I understood that sweetness, softness and vulnerability IS power.And at the heart of it is longing.

So, what are we longing for?
A man?
A fuck?
A child?
To be filled?
For god?
For ourselves?
All of it?


But what i’ve found is it’s actually it’s way more powerful to let go of the story and Just feel it. Feel it in your heart, your body, your belly, your skin.

Feel this natural feminine state of deep yearning that opens you.

The pleasure and bliss of longing lives within feeling it and letting it take you – not in attaching to a perceived external source to ‘put the fire out’

The longing is the water and the fire. The longing is the question and the answer. It asks and gives when we JUST FEEL IT.

This is the essence of our maiden energy. She feels it all. She lets herself be seen in her vulnerability. She feels the depth of her longing without fear of being hurt, without the baggage – she is the pure power of our softness.Let the longing crack you open. Let it make you cry. Hold yourself in it and feel the pleasure in your yearning. Let it empty you out, fill you up and soften you into your essence..

Love Your Longing.

Vanessa Florence
Vanessa Florence
- VISIONARY & FOUNDER - Vanessa is a visionary, leader and trailblazer for feminine expression. Known for her rawness, realness and vulnerability she is a powerful permission granter and the original creatress and channel for the Dancing Eros work. She is passionate about creating spaces and experiences to give all beings total permission to be fully authentic in who they are; connected to their desire, vulnerability power and all aspects of their expression. "The real deal - No bullshit, no masks and a powerful space holder!"
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