The Futility of Figuring It All Out

The Futility of Figuring It All Out

The Futility of Figuring It All Out

A message of love from a recovering control freak…

There is absolutely no point in trying to ‘figure it all out’ because the universe is in a constant state of flux and motion.
Nothing is ever fixed. Even when things appear to be predictable and you think you have it all sorted and all your shit together – enjoy that temporary moment while it lasts because the reality is we are here to evolve and part of that process is messy, chaotic and the total unknown.

As we continue to grow to next levels, shit has to continually die in order for new life to birth.

You will continue to experience huge suffering if you’re happiness is based on external stability, security and knowing because it doesn’t actually exist.

Your only anchor is inside of you. In your daily practices in your connection to your body and your breath. In your ability to hold yourself in the storm.

It almost feels like the only goal we should really take too seriously. To be in a place where we truly know whatever happens outside of us we are supported, safe and being fully served. To trust there is a magic at play in everything even if we can’t see it yet.

Whether shit is going swimmingly or shit is hitting the fan. It’s all part of the dance, the mystery, the unfolding.
To know You have got you – What else is there really to attain but that?

Peace can only come when we are able to surrender and trust that whatever is happening in every moment is totally perfect and part of the process.

So when you are planning or deciding or actioning things which is still a part of life. Your happiness is not dependent on any of that shit ‘working out’ (Oh and If it is you can pretty much guarantee it won’t 😉)

There is no end goal of satisfaction here because once you hit that end goal there will be another and another and another and another.

Seriously – if you are reading this and you are worrying or stressing or trying to ‘figure it out’ control it – stop it. Let go. Surrender. Take your hands off life and be still with yourself.
Remind yourself that whatever is happening or might happen – you have you got you, that everything you ever need is born and destroyed from the mystery anyway.

And it’s a hell of a lot more relaxing when you can just get out of the way and allow it

– Vanessa Florence

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