How dare you?

Try to package me
Price tag me
Pimp me out like your whore.

How dare you.

Try to Factory farm the goddess
Putting pumps on my tits and cunt
Demanding my milk and honey to flow on your command.

How dare you.

Objectify my mysteries
Trademark my womb
Corporate structure the void
Offer guarantees and end dates like there is actually ever an end goal to knowing me.

How dare you.
Make a product of the priestess.
Create carbon copy women moulded in my image
Consider handing out A4 certifications of initiation to anyone who has the cash.

How dare you.
How dare you
How dare you

These are the words that have been booming in my ears and reverberating through my being for weeks as she uncovers and exposes all this within me.

Witch, Priestess, Shamaness, Tantrika
it isn’t a green wash running through the entrepreneurial world anymore
its a Goddess wash
Everyone wants a crown or the cauldron right now

and there is nothing wrong with it, it’s fucking exciting.

The feminine on this planet is rising and many are waking up to that and hearing the call.

There is a stirring and a longing to know her mysteries, taste her aliveness and share that with others

This is NOT a shaming of all those who follow or do her work,
but after 5 years since birthing Dancing Eros and being thoroughly fucking initiated by the feminine and finding myself right now smacked into submission at her feet again, (more on that later)

This is a reminder.

The goddess is not a love and light mama here to serve your every desire.
She’s a fucking dark bitch who you get on your knees for,

And if you speak her name in business know that you will be tested to make sure you know who is really boss.


She’s not here to make you money
She’s here to exploit or be demanded on or capitalised upon
She’s not here to make you feel comfortable
She’s here to be served, worshipped, honoured, remembered

And if you forget her,

Be prepared

She’s going to remind you

Sink her sharp teeth into your flesh,
suck the patriarchal blood out of your veins
She will eat you alive
and spit out the bones when she is done
She will have your contracts and propositions for breakfast
and make dinner of your marketing mind.
Her wrath will lovingly destroy everything that dishonours her and she will cackle while it all burns to the ground.

While your fervently mapping out strategies and systems to hit 7 figures.
She will sit quietly, smiling waiting for the perfect moment to slice the fucking head off your top down patriarchal attempts to monetise her.

Oh and If you forget her,
Be prepared to to be lovingly fucked up as a reminder to get back into position.

Jesus said never buy, sell or trade in the temple.

But that’s not exactly it sorry Jesus (and every other misguided religious figure that has tried to seperate money and spirit)

Money = Unholy.


The goddess isn’t demanding poverty right now.

She is abundant and juicy as fuck,
and when you know how to truly worship her
Her legs will part and gush her lucrative rich libations all over your face

But just like a woman
There is no button to push
No technique to master
No step by step manual to get her to cum

Oh you can try that shit for sure
and yeah she might moan a bit, even throw off a few orgasms if you really practice
but if you think YOU did that – your kidding yourself.

You don’t MAKE her cum
You get on your knees and allow her to reveal herself to you
You release your attachment to the end goal and meet her in the unknown moment to moment, breath by breath.

Only when you die to her
Surrender all your plans and conditions and ideas
will you ever really receive whats available

We are being called right now.
To a new way that has been forgotten.

Where the feminine in all of us (men, women the planet) is honoured
the feelings, the emotions, the soul, the senses, the madness, the gut instinct, the lit up fuck yes of the unknown
Waiting for the choice less choice that pulls you in without your mind even knowing how you got there
Sucking you into her gaping cunt., wordlessly showing you what she wants.

Trust Her.

Then and only then can the structures come, then and only then can you do ‘business’

the systems
the details
the roles
the agreements
they come with her
they serve her
hold her
and move WITH her undulations

Moment to moment, breath by breath


Men and women.

To know her inside of themselves.

To allow creations to be birthed from the womb not the mind.
To dare to change the plan at any moment.
To ride the waves of truth.
To drop your agenda of what you think you know AND FEEL.
To let go of any past illusions you had that structure is what provides safety.
REAL Safety is not found in your sanitised, sterilised, strategised reality.
The truth is the only safety available now however uncomfortable it may be,
is in the raw, blood, sticky, smelly, guts of reality.

Worship it
Honor it
Be so committed to her truth that you will Die for it.

This new way is foreign
And does require a facing of death that can be terrifying
letting go of

But she’s here now whether you like it or not,

Calling us into a level of truth and power that is our birthright.
real surrender
Trust of her deep, dark relentless love.

This new way, if we can say yes to it,
is an initiation that might not be comfortable

But it will bring SO many gifts

shared power
a connection to source

beyond what you could have ever dreamed possible.

Beyond the egos illusions and fears

that worry,
you are missing out!
you need more!

that fear
you are not safe!
that there is not enough!

fooling yourself into thinking
that you actually own anything!
or your actually in control!

comparing, competing, controlling.

It’s OVER.

The mind serves the soul, not the other way around.

So get on your knees and be of service to the dark gaping mystery of the mother and watch her serve you right back.

Humbly ask to be shown what she wants and let her give you everything you could have ever wanted and more.

Trust her.
Surrender to her.
Serve her.

The new way is here.

Let go,

or be dragged.

Words by Vanessa Florence

(NOTE : this piece has NOTHING to do with gender wars or a men vs women thing, this post is for both men and women to remember ‘her’ inside of them. I LOVE men and women. We all need her and i feel deeply how both genders are suffering from the collective forgetting of the feminine, myself included)

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