For the times you feel lost…

For the times you feel lost…

For the times you feel lost…

A woman dear to me was brought to tears when she discovered what she wanted to do with her life.

She found her purpose and suddenly everything made sense.
Her tears were happy – finally she could really see her own gifts (for herself and the world).
Her tears were sad – along her journey she had made mistakes, she’d fucked up, she’d hurt herself and others, there was pain and confusion and uncertainty. But all along she’d been trying to share her gifts. It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve witnessed.

This is what she had desired her whole life without ever mentally knowing what that desire was. She didn’t know, but she did know. She had always felt it.

When she realised this, she could see all the ways throughout her life where she had been honouring this desire, and all the ways she was trying to bring it into her life without knowing what she was doing.
And I could see that even with all the pain, there was deep wisdom that had come from those experiences.
Those lost times have birthed such power and clarity.

She was always living her life going towards what she desired. Aligned perfectly for her.

If you’re feeling lost in life right now, maybe you aren’t so lost after all.



Image by Aleira Moon taken at our Erotic Mother archetype photoshoot.

Words by Sheena Wilson

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