EROS RISING – A Masculine Archetypes Initiation for Women

EROS RISING – A Masculine Archetypes Initiation for Women

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11th December 2019 at 9 am
December 11, December 12, December 13, December 14, December 15

Cycles of the Pass, Heathcote, Greater Bendigo
Ritual: 15/12/2019

EROS RISING – A Masculine Archetypes Initiation for Women

It’s been a long time coming – and it’s finally here! Vanessa Florence (Dancing Eros) & Arion Light (Warriors of Love) are joining forces to bring you the next wave of the Eros body of work – Eros Rising. 

A 5 day initiation into six potent masculine archetypes. 

This event is for Dancing Eros women to (sorry guys you’re turn comes soon!) have an opportunity to meet, embody and express the different flavours of your masculine energy to find more power, stability, confidence, containment, clarity, integrity and focus in your life. 

What are the archetypes?
Well, that’s a secret. For now. Yet they will become your best mates by the end of the five days! 

For many who have deepened into their feminine there is an ache for a masculine that’s matches her wild oceanic power. So lets birth him. Lets awaken a masculine power that can truly create in divine partnership with your feminine. We will go through a series of initiations to guide this masculine from immature to mature, so He becomes You. 

This event is for you if you desire to; – Have an equally powerful masculine as you do feminine. If you have spent time connecting to your inner knowing, ecstasy and pleasure and now want the power and confidence to bring your gifts into the world.  

Why Just DE Women?
As a first event we have decided to only open this to those women who have completed a Dancing Eros journey to land these archetypes in the potent heart of dancing Eros. We will open it to men soon. 

This event will be a fully catered, live-in retreat style with an invitation only ritual to complete.

Accomodation is camping with BYO all your gear. Shared yurt accomodation for six people is available on a first come first serve basis.

Is it time for your inner man to rise? Is it time to give him the initiations he needs to match the wild beauty of the feminine? 

Then lets do this.

Event Details – 

EROS RISING will be held at Cycles of the Pass in the Heathcote wine region of Central Victoria, 1.5 hours from Melbourne.

Cycles of the Pass is a land of magic for curiosity, connection and creation.

On the land there are hundreds of olive trees, grape vines and fruit trees laden with pomegranates, cactus fruit, apples, figs, oranges, pears, lemons, pistachios and more. The historic Heathcote-Greytown National Park, Victoria’s largest remaining box-ironbark forest and a local favourite for bush walking, camping and bird watching also borders the southern side of the property and is accessible via a special gate.

Arrive 9 am 11 December, 2019
Depart 7.30 pm 15 December, 2019

About your facilitators –

Vanessa Florence 
Original Creatress, Mama and visionary of the Dancing Eros work.

I have been teaching archetypal embodiment for the past 6 years to thousands of men and women. The masculine archetypes have been a long time coming to really anchor and balance this body of work and It feels so right to be bringing this through with Arion!  I have already working with the masculine polarities of each feminine Eros archetype this year and it has been amazing! I am looking forward to going deeper into this initiation with you all! 

Arion Light 
Transformational leader, creator of Warriors of Love and legendary human. 

I feel like I have been training for this for my whole life. I have worked with thousands of people for over a decade to awaken a healthy masculine power. And every time I see this power arise it cracks my heart in joy. We CAN have creative power without force, effort and dominance over our feminine. My mission is to serve the deep love (that we all are) to have a true voice and powerful action. That is the mature masculine to me. A power that rises from within and stands for the true love that we are. So bringing forth these archetypes with Vanessa is a perfect and exciting path for me.

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