Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes compulsory or can I miss one?“
The first classes (or depending on the course, two classes – see the event details for more) is compulsory. This class covers the foundations that are essential to the rest of the journey and will support you to get the most out of it. If you miss it you may not be able to participate in the rest of the course and will not be eligible for a refund.
“What does the word ‘Eros’ mean?“

Eros is the Greek god of desire, passion and sexual love. The word ‘Erotic’ is derived from the word ‘Eros’.

Eros is the aliveness and life instinct of desire.
Eros is the longing of expressed inner beauty.
Eros is the particular form of love that inspires us and fills us with euphoria and ecstasy.

Reconciling the rawness of our desire, pleasure and sexuality as something divine, loving and beautiful is really what this practice is about as we dance and embody our own powerful expression of Eros

“What does the practice involve?“

Dancing Eros is ultimately about using erotic dance and the archetypes to access and express our own pleasure. Rather then learning choreographed moves from our mind, we work from the understanding that when we move from a place that feels really good in our bodies then we tap into our natural sensuality and erotic instinct. Throughout the practice we are constantly coming back to our own internal connection and expressing from that place. We like to keep what actually happens within a class relatively mysterious as it is part of the journey of trusting and surrendering that if you feel called follow that! Even if you don’t have all your questions answered, trust your gut! We will say though that this is SO MUCH MORE than a sexy dance class, this is a deep, transformative life changing journey that will continue way beyond the course.

‘What are these archetypes, and why are they important?’

The five feminine erotic archetypes were founded by Dancing Eros creatress Vanessa Florence. In April, 2013 she started putting music together for the first course, she found that depending on the songs tempo and vibe there seemed to be different energies that each song could be categorised into. From facilitating hundreds of women through the work, the archetypes were birthed as the essence of the Dancing Eros exploration and have become a powerful framework for understanding our sexual expression, erotic embodiment and even our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in the world at large. The archetypes are the Maiden, the Wild Woman, the Priestess, the Erotic Mother and the Slut and they live in all of us in their own unique way. Tapping into these energies allows us to embody our erotic innocence, our divinity, our rawness and our play and are a huge part of becoming a sexually aware, deeply integrated, erotically empowered woman.


Do I have to get naked?

No – admittedly some women in courses have been so moved by their passion that many clothes have been shed during dancing eros– but it is not a focus or requirement of the class and you can totally keep all your clothes on and still get the benefits! This is your journey and you take yourself as far as you like.

“What if I can’t dance?”

You can – everyone can ‘dance’ their Eros because it really is just calling you to move your body in a way that feels sexy for you. This class is not about choreographed moves but about tapping back into your natural erotic instinct and expression. If you feel disconnected from this part of you right now and can’t think of anything worse than dancing – this is probably exactly what you need! The eros practice will reawaken your bodies natural instinct and pleasure.

“I want to join but I’m scared, I don’t feel I’m ready, It is too much for me. I feel sick just thinking about it…etc

Fact – Pretty much every woman who joins a class for the first time is scared shitless. And as a rule this is what we have found – the more anxiety/fear and resistance there is for something the more potential it has to transform you – that’s a foolproof life equation (read more about that here). It’s honestly never as bad as your mind thinks. Our first tip is to just first acknowledge that the desire is there but there is also a fear – and acknowledge both of those You will be totally supported in this journey by me and the other women in the group as well as joining a community of women who have gone before you. – Your process will be honoured in whatever form it takes – you have permission to participate as you like and express when you feel uncomfortable and do what you need to do to take care of yourself – all this will be touched on throughout the workshop and how we respond to our fear and our own safety is a powerful part of the learnings. If you are ready to step into being and claiming your body and your power as a woman then feel the fear and do it anyway – you will not be alone!

Read this article on what to do and not to do when you are shitting yourself HERE.

What Kind of Women do Dancing Eros?

All kinds! Ranging from their early twenties to their sixties! This community is open to all that identify as women of all ages, sizes and orientations. Gay, straight, transgender, queer, intersex. Fat, thin, old, young, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, yoga teachers, actors, corporate women, exotic dancers, women with two left feet, women who dont even feel like women. The fact that this work welcomes women from all walks and stages of life, all orientations, shapes and sizes is unique and special in itself. Each woman who is attracted to this work is committed and passionate about their journey of claiming and owning their feminine power. Being part of the Dancing Eros community connects you to an amazing network of support, love and sisterhood with conscious, real, confident and connected women. Many women have made friends for life from Eros and we have an amazing growing community of women that continues to meet and connect regularly on and offline.